Australians are turning to their employers for guidance as personal financial stress spikes.

Financial stress does not discriminate, with 70% of employees admitting to worrying about or spending time dealing with personal finances at work, despite their position or level of income. This is costing employers over $47 billion each year, according to the research conducted by the Employee Benefits and HR Consulting division of Gallagher.

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*Calculated based on your provided data, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Gallagher's 2019 Financial Confidence Survey metrics which interviewed over 1000 Australian employees. Metrics include: average hours per week that an employee spends concerned about or dealing with personal finances at work and a 46 week work-year.

Key Statistics
55% of employees worry about retirement.
As expected, that anxiety increases as employees get closer to retirement.

34% of Aussies have an idea of how much they need to retire comfortably.
37% of employees say financial stress has impacted their health.
And 44% saying financial stress has impacted their home and family life.
Unexpected costs and expenses are causing Aussies the most stress (64%)
Unfortunately most employers could not identify these, and thought it was mortgages and credit card debt worrying their staff.

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