A workplace that simply works better.

We enable employers to offer a competitive and contemporary default superannuation fund for their employees, underpinned by an all-encompassing engagement program. This includes:

SuperScore® Program & Analytics
Our SuperScore® Program is the cornerstone of our offering. This score-based tool delivers an enjoyable way for your employees to engage with their super. The use of a SuperScore® motivates employees to improve their individual scores and become financially better off.
Super Fund Review
A tailored super fund is key to adding value to your employees’ salary package. We conduct extensive fund reviews and a comparative analysis of your current super fund with others in the industry. By measuring fund design, fees and member services, we help ensure your current super fund is the most appropriate for your company’s needs and one that simply works better.
Policy Committee Meetings
We help establish, manage and run your policy committee meetings to ensure you are up to date with the latest legislation. We also offer advice on performance measures for service and investment returns.
How our SuperScore® program works.
We provide you with a SuperScore® which is an easy way to understand the current status of your employer superannuation account.

It highlights whether there is an opportunity to improve your position and therefore increase your score.
What is it about the SuperScore® Program that simply works better?
  • Employees are motivated to improve their score.
  • It is engaging and something new – and is unique to Gallagher.
  • Each employee is treated as an individual.
  • The process is simple, yet effective, with proven results.
  • we have a depth of experience and award-winning technology.

Stress Less

1 in 4 Australian employees suffer financial stress.


Better engagement and understanding of super leads to increased financial security.

(WSSA Workplace Financial Wellness Index Report 2016)


Employers can make an improvement in their employees' lives.

If you can’t measure it,
you can’t improve it.
The SuperScore® is an easy way to understand the current status of an individual’s superannuation account. It highlights whether there is opportunity to improve their position and therefore increase their score.
Employees can
track performance.
In their very own Scorebook, each member receive their SuperScore®, personal projections, tailored messaging, suggested actions and access to Benefit Central. This report is designed to empower employees, and has been proven to increase their level of engagement through a high level of personalisation.
A single unique approach.
Our strategic benefits consulting is part of our unique approach to your organisational wellbeing. It’s an approach with a strategy; one that brings benefits, reward, communication and financial wellbeing into a single plan for your organisation. We call it Gallagher Better Works℠.

Our SuperScore™ program may be free with your super provider. Check your eligibility below: