Fostering financial confidence.
At work, financial stress distracts individuals from fulfilling their work commitments to the best of their abilities, and this impacts their performance on the job. Ultimately, financial stress can create significant costs for employers in the form of lost productivity, increased absenteeism and presenteeism.

At a time when financial literacy in the workplace is highly sought after across all generations, there’s a significant opportunity for employers to step in. By providing a benefit that helps reduce financial stress, you can positively influence the financial wellbeing of your employees.

Financial literacy programs that actually work.

Financial literacy is an ongoing challenge for most people. Traditional financial literacy programs often fail to recognise one pivotal aspect - an individual's financial wellbeing is a very personal matter. Gallagher's Financial Confidence programs offer employees a number of pathways for their financial journey, in a range of mediums, which are all tailored to each individual.

Wealth Dashboard
An interactive dashboard for employees to see their holistic financial situation and project their financial future. The dahsboard reveals an individual’s current wealth position and displays projections and ‘what if’ scenarios for the years ahead. This information empowers your employees to feel more confident with their finances, and inspires them to deliver their best.
Finance Coach
Give your employees access to their own finance coach. An easy chat option connects your team with a qualified financial adviser who is able to help guide them through a range of financial scenarios and options.
Education Masterclasses
Gallagher's education programs are more than just a library of resources. Based on an individual's goals, current situation and money habits, your employees will be recommended masterclasses and challenges they can undertake in their own time, at their own pace, to reduce their financial stress and increase their financial confidence.
Personal SuperScore®
Our SuperScore® Program is the cornerstone of our offering. Similar to a credit score, but focussed on retirement, this score-based tool delivers an enjoyable way for your employees to engage with their super. The use of a SuperScore® motivates employees to improve their individual scores and become financially better off.
More Info
Your team has access to on-site events at your workplace, delivered by our award-winning financial educators, with topics tailored to the needs of your employees. These events are interactive, interesting and provide employees with practical tips and tools to help them adopt healthy financial habits.
Welcome to a new view
on financial confidence.
With 70% of employees admitting to dealing with personal finance matters at work, employers who adopt a robust, relevant and individualised financial confidence program bring a valuable and long-lasting benefit to their employees while fueling organisational performance.
A single unique approach.
Our strategic benefits consulting is part of our unique approach to your organisational wellbeing. It’s an approach with a strategy; one that brings benefits, reward, communication and financial wellbeing into a single plan for your organisation. We call it Gallagher Better Works℠.

Chat to us to learn more about the solutions we offer that will help your employees take control of their finances.