No matter the situation, we're here to help you face your future with confidence.

We understand it is important now, more than ever, to have robust and actionable business plans, workforce and digital procedures in place to help guide your employees and your business through the uncertainty.

Gallagher can help provide:
- Employee communications
- Comprehensive risk management
- Policy, procedures and compliance
- Leadership support
- Redundancy, redeployment and restructure advice
- Technology enablement
- Wellbeing strategies that aid with the protection of both your business and your people.
- HR on demand with 24/7 access to our experienced HR consultants

Return to workplace considerations
A Return to Work Guide for Businesses
As Australian employers start to look at re-opening their businesses or returning to a more normal way of working, we’ve put together some key things for business owners to consider before re-opening their doors to staff and customers.
Four Key Steps
This Return to Work Business Guide delves into 4 important steps:

Step 1: PLAN
• Government regulations
• Legal obligations
• Business goals and objectives

• Cleaning, hygiene, & social distancing
• Business protection changes
• Infection prevention measures
• Personal protective equipment

• Product, services and partners
• Distribution/transportation/deliveries
• Business continuity planning
• Digital and technology
• Compliance

Step 4: PEOPLE
• Communication
• Employee wellbeing
• Culture
• HR and Industrial Relations policy
• People protection
Better Business Audit
Gallagher will be providing free Better Business Audits for our clients. These are one hour sessions where your Gallagher consultant will ask you a series of questions to help you determine business priorities, any gaps in your plans, and any ways Gallagher can further support you. You will be provided with a summary of the audit with suggested next steps.

Get in touch with Gallagher today to find out more.

COVID-19 Panel Discussion Webinar

We have brought together a team of global experts to discuss the concerns that organisations are facing amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

What COVID-19 means for your business
Implementing a work-from-home policy
You may want to consider setting up a work-from-home policy to prevent the spread of the virus in your workplace and wider community. We provide some tips on setting up this policy, and how to make it as successful as possible.
Protecting your business against the spread of coronavirus
With an increasing number of coronavirus cases being reported, it’s important your business takes precautions to keep your workforce healthy and safe.
Keeping employees in the loop amidst coronavirus outbreak
Are you keeping your employees informed about how your business is responding to the threat of coronavirus? It is essential your employees stay in the know and feel reassured that your business has adequate processes in place to deal with this epidemic.
HR Resources
Our trusted HR partners
We have worked with our trusted partners, Effectus Consulting and Effectus Digital, who have vast experience in human resources (HR), industrial relations (IR) and digital transformation to answer your most pressing workforce management and technological questions.
Q: What do I need to consider when creating a Business Continuity Plan?
This Business Continuity Checklist covers the base-line areas you need to consider and action as a business owner or decision maker. Speak to us at Gallagher for help and advice with more comprehensive plans and support.
Q: What can I do about maintaining workplace culture during COVID-19?
Gallagher's experts from around the world have come together for this special COVID-19 report which breaks down how organisations can protect workplace culture during a global pandemic.
More HR Resources
Q: If I need to mobilise my team, what suggestions do you have around technology protocols?
This Practical Business Guide provides information designed for the IT team and business leaders who are also responsible for the Technology function, particularly small to medium businesses.
Q: What are my options if an employee refuses to come in due to risk of infection?
Faced with the scenario where an employee is not unwell but refuses to come to work because of risk of infection, do you know your options as an employer, under employment law? This Employer Options document provides high-level advice on this and similar situations.
Q: I've been forced to make some redundancies. What should I do?
This People Plan Summary provides high level guidance to assist with the initial planning phase to help your business take a strategic approach. It is important for everyone involved to be consulted, and for HR and leaders to act according to employment law. Consider speaking to Gallagher for expert advice and implementation support.
Resources you can download
Business Leaders FAQs
We have collated the most frequently asked questions from you, our clients, which may help alleviate immediate concerns you have.
JobKeeper & JobSeeker Explainer
We breakdown the different schemes to better help you understand what you’re eligible for.
JobKeeper Fact Sheet
Australian Government Economic Response - Information for Employers
Resources for your employees
Personal Finance FAQs
Our Senior Financial Advisers answer frequently asked questions from you, which may help alleviate immediate personal financial concerns.
Support for individuals and households
Gallagher's team of financial advisers are here to help with financial matters your employees may be experiencing.
Coping with stress
A simple list of techniques to help cope with stress during COVID-19.

Gallagher can help you and your business during this pandemic. Please connect with us.