Opportunities and challenges will look quite different for employers as the world emerges from the pandemic. With a revised talent availability outlook, the time is right for a renewed focus on the employee value proposition (EVP). This competitive framework for a compelling culture is more important than ever, and potentially more powerful.

When making revisions, ensuring the greatest possible relevance to workforce needs and preferences translates to a better employee experience, which drives retention and attraction by building stronger cultural value.

Open and honest communication from executives and other leaders establishes trust and rapport under circumstances when they’re needed most, and provides access to those at the top.

Without effective communication, it’s difficult for employees to know how and why they’re valued — and what their purpose is. Consistent messages that take the same tone as the EVP promote a common understanding and help each employee recognise their place within the company.

As a pledge from leadership, the EVP is only as strong as its integrity— so actions should speak even louder than the conviction of these words. The perception of paying lip service will undercut communication efforts, because standing by the EVP is the same as standing by employees.