Super stapling is set to start from 1 November, 2021.

How can we help your people understand how this legislation impacts their decisions going forward?

Helping your employees with financial wellbeing, including appropriate messaging and access to relevant education around super, has never been more important. Stapling is set to commence on the 1 November, 2021, meaning that your on-boarding process has never been more important.

When an employee changes employer, their super fund will be ‘stapled’ to them and follow them to their next job. This stapled account becomes their default super fund for receiving super guarantee contributions from their employer, unless they specifically elect to change accounts. As an employer, you want your employees to know that what you have negotiated for them is a benefit to their financial wellbeing.

How Gallagher can help:

1. We are across the legislation
2. We have an award winning communications division that can help with communications
3. We can help employers with on-boarding and how best to communicate to your employees.

Gallagher’s award winning communications division can help with communications to enhance the employee experience when joining and working with your business.