There are a range of ways to improve wellbeing at work, and developing the right strategy starts with asking for input from those who matter most – your people.

Wellbeing is feeling healthy and experiencing fulfilment and purpose at work. A well-designed workplace supports your employee’s wellbeing and can lead to better business outcomes including:

– A 10% increase in productivity
– 6 times higher levels of engagement
– 125% less likely to burn out.

The Gallagher Workplace Wellbeing Index is a holistic, single survey to support your people thrive and flourish at work.

To get the full picture of your workforce, we’ve combined the critical drivers proven to contribute to employee wellbeing and its associated business outcomes. By identifying the drivers of wellbeing in your workforce, your organisation can develop strategies to support your people to thrive and flourish. Ultimately, these strategies will have a bottom-line impact on productivity, performance and engagement at work.

Going beyond traditional surveys, it also assesses the impact of employee wellbeing in your workplace in-role performance, intentions to stay, absenteeism and engagement.