Read on to find out more about five of the most popular tools on the market.

  1. She’s on the money


Format: Podcast, book and blog

‘She’s on the Money’ is the brainchild of Victoria Divine. It is aimed at millennials who want financial freedom, whilst still living the good life. Victoria is a financial adviser and millennial herself, understanding where younger people can get stuck when it comes to feeling overwhelmed, being unsure where to invest, being stuck in a relentless cycle of “money in and money out,’ never making ground, or reaching your goals.

  1. Barefoot Investor


Format: Book and blog

Scott Pape, author of the Barefoot Investor, says that ‘this is the only money guide you’ll ever need’. It’s a bold claim, but based on the sentiment of nearly two million readers, he seems to be on the money. The Barefoot Investor is a great place to start for a road-map on how to set yourself up comfortably in the most efficient way.

  1. My Millennial Money


Format: Podcast

Hosted by Glen James and John Pidgeon, My Millennial Money is one of Australia’s top podcasts on personal finance. Glen and John are both financial advisers and with four seasons and more than 400 episodes under their belts, they’ve covered a lot of ground for anyone’s financial journey. They have also branched out into other specific areas such as My Millennial Property, My Millennial Business, and My Millennial Health.

  1. Moneysmart


Format: Website

Whilst Moneysmart doesn’t necessarily have the production values of a podcast or book, it’s a great resource for learning about the foundations of key financial topics across a range of areas including budgeting, loans, investing, superannuation, insurance and more. One of the reasons it’s such a great resource is because it’s not linked to any individual or financial services provider, which means the information is largely unbiased and you’re not being ‘sold’ anything.



Format: App and blog

Finder is one of Australia’s largest comparison websites and is a company that prides itself on helping Australians save money and level up their finances. As such, the app is focused on functionality around money and includes spending tracker and analysis, the ability to access your credit score for free, buy cryptocurrency in less than three minutes, have all of your accounts in one place, automatically get better deals, insights, and more.

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