With 70% of Australian employees dealing with their personal finances at work, how are you supporting the financial confidence of your people?

Employees with low levels of financial confidence are prone to higher levels of mental stress, absenteeism and are less likely to thrive at work. That’s why we built Gallagher's Better Wealth – a program that empowers your employees to make better decisions today and to give them a feeling of confidence in their financial future.

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How much is financial stress costing your business?

When your employees are financially stressed, their productivity suffers. But what’s the actual impact on your bottom line? Your information is completely anonymous. This data is not saved, and we do not share your personal data. You can help your employees manage their financial stress

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*Calculated based on your provided data, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Gallagher's 2019 Financial Confidence Survey metrics which interviewed over 1000 Australian employees. Metrics include: average hours per week that an employee spends concerned about or dealing with personal finances at work and a 46 week work-year.

Australia's Silent Struggle with Financial Confidence
45% Australians say financial matters cause them the most stress.
Gallagher's Better Wealth program is ready to support your employees in
building their financial confidence, and help lift the burden of money worries from your workplace.
58% of employees want more support from their employers to help develop their financial confidence.
With Better Wealth, you can measure your employee and organisational wellbeing scores for all respondents and see how they improve overtime through the platform.
Offering your employees this relevant and valued benefit can enhance your standing as an employer.
You can also discover your people’s engagement levels with the platform and obtain our recommended actions. Better Wealth is a mobile friendly, household inclusive and educates through a range of mediums for easy interaction.

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