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With growing absenteeism, financial stress at crisis levels, a skills shortage fueling the war for talent and the challenge of keeping employees focused and motivated, we’re ready to support Australian businesses and their employees on their journey to becoming better.

How much is financial stress costing your business?

When your employees are financially stressed, their productivity suffers. But what’s the actual impact on your bottom line? Your information is completely anonymous. This data is not saved, and we do not share your personal data. You can help your employees manage their financial stress

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*Calculated based on your provided data, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Gallagher's 2019 Financial Confidence Survey metrics which interviewed over 1000 Australian employees. Metrics include: average hours per week that an employee spends concerned about or dealing with personal finances at work and a 46 week work-year.

Total Employee Wellbeing
Gain insights into how your employees feel about their job today, their career prospects tomorrow and how your organisation is helping them achieve what they want out of life. In addition to developing a compensation structure that rewards the individuals who help your organisation grow, Gallagher can help you set your employees up for career-long success.
Physical & Emotional
When your workforce is feeling great, they’re performing even better. Gallagher Better Works℠ has dozens of ways to promote a healthier, happier workforce. From Employee Assistance Programs for mental health through to physical fitness challenges for stronger bodies, our team of experts can build a wellbeing program specific to your employees' goals.
45% of Australians say financial matters cause them the most stress. Help your employees wherever they are on their financial journey with financial tools, education and guidance that supports their spending, savings and long term financial plans that supports a happy retirement.

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