Onsite training
Our onsite group education and information sessions help members to better understand the benefits available to them within their super fund. This enables employees to better engage with their super, and encourages them to improve their financial situation.
Better Engagement.
Better Careers.
At Gallagher, we tailor each seminar topic to the interest of members and to the demographics of the super fund.

These topics may include Retirement Planning, Redundancy Management, Superannuation, Insurance, Investment, and Estate Planning.

In providing education to large groups of individuals, we believe that different mediums resonate with different people. We also work to tailor an employees’ experience to better match their own personal circumstances.
It’s something all companies strive for.
We help you build a better workplace that fosters better performance. Gallagher Better Works™ is how we do this.

With a focus on three key areas – Physical & Emotional, Career, and Financial Wellbeing – we help to optimise your organisation’s wellbeing for greater productivity, profitability and growth.

Because your best may be finite but your better is never finished.

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